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Tasty without compromise - three words that encapsulate what the Alara brand is all about. Founded back in 1975 by entrepreneur Alex Smith, Alara is a celebrated pioneer for the organic foods market in the UK and continues to support a wide variety of projects promoting sustainability.

Most importantly, Alara has consistently fulfilled its promise to provide three things; great tasting food, stuff that’s good for your body, and products that also take care of the planet.

Combining great taste with sustainability and 100% organic ingredients, Alara’s uncompromising approach to responsible sourcing and manufacturing is truly inspiring.

A Real Rags to Riches Story

“We’ve never compromised our values and these and many other ‘firsts’ are part of our commitment to creating delicious sustainable pure foods, and to inspire. Together we can make a difference.” - Alara

Alex Smith - founder of Alara - challenged himself to live an entire year in the 1970s without money. After which, destiny came knocking the very day he decided to start using money once more.

He found £2 on the floor, picked up a bunch of fruits and vegetables from New Covent Garden Market (that would otherwise have been thrown away) and sold them on in a squatting shop.

Little did anyone know that his humble little store would technically become one of London’s first unofficial health shops, specialising in nuts, seeds, dried fruits and other vegan staples. Within a couple of years, Alex had begun mixing a variety of ingredients together to come up with his company’s first ever muesli.

Relentlessly dedicated to healthy foods and sustainable sourcing, Alara became the first organic certified cereal producer in the world in 1988, when the brand was officially licensed by the Soil Association.

More recently, Alara produced the first certified Fair Trade cereals in 1993, and was the first company the Coeliac Society licensed to manufacture gluten free cereals in 1996.

Why We Love Alara

At Wholefoody, the only thing we love more than a brand that joins the healthy living movement is a pioneer that spearheaded the whole thing in the first place. For more than four decades, Alara has been at the forefront of the UK’s organic foods market, working tirelessly to inspire others to live healthier and more sustainable lives.

Within the past couple of years, Alara has begun introducing home compostable packaging and has set its sights on becoming the ‘Most Sustainable Food Manufacturer on Earth’. A pretty ambitious goal, but no less than you would expect from such an iconic name in the sustainable living segment.

Wholefoody is proud to offer an extensive range of premium-quality products from Alara as part of our permanent collection, with new and exciting additions appearing all the time.

Check out what’s on offer, keep your eyes peeled for new arrivals, or contact the Wholefoody team any time for more information.